Favored Ways

My favorite ways to listen to music? Do we Relate?

For Artists like FKA Twigs: be on tumblr and watch gifs, her music videos especially ‘Wet Wipez’ is so different and trippy.


For Artists like RHCP, Nirvana, Metallica, Of Mice and Men, Bring Me the Horizon and any other rock-alternative-metal bands: These artists help me when I want a fun music experience, in all honesty I can be alone in my room with my speakers on that help shake my room to the creations of this type of genre.

For ‘Slow down’ artists like Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, some Indie music (depending on the song), and any other reggae: I tend to have my headphones in and sleep, it helps calm me down just like listening to the rain , a perfect combination actually, music and rain.


Theres really no certain way to listen to music though these are some of my common ways to enjoy my music.


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