The Band Kitten

I actually learned about this band through someone on Instagram. The Instagram user actually always brings up the band and how they want to see Kitten on tour, so I decided to give the band a try. They go by Kitten though if you want to find them for say on google search them up by the name, The Band Kitten. As I have listened to Kitten I have decided ‘Sensible’ is my favorite song they have produced so far. I love how it was put together and Chloe Chaidez’s voice. Its one of those songs where the editing of the voice perfects it. After researching Kitten a little more I found the first album was ‘Sunday School’, favorable and fun. I love the indie rock genre of music, and this definitely a band to give a chance. Chloe Chaidez actually remind of the artist Charli XCX as Marina and the Diamonds reminds me of Charli also, I think it would be a beautiful trio pair up if these three sang and produced a song together.



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