Favorite Super Bowl Commercials


This appealed to my emotions, mostly because I have dealt with a lost animal in my life just as lots of other pet owners have.


I know most people Love Snoop Dog, and this commercial caused a chuckle especially with the other actor. We all gripe about having bad food at home, so this ad appealed to the stomach and to the audiences in a way to make them laugh.


I love this ad, with a past of seeing others be hurt and not being able to speak out because they were too scared or whoever was hurting them would find out it definitely appealed to me. It actually ended up causing me goosebumps towards the end and the act of holding back tears. This commercial has a purpose, and I am glad most of America and even other countries who chose to watch the Super Bowl, (My friend in Canada did), were able to see this.


This Ad was something new for sure, the whole time I giggled at it. I remember reading that fairytale about the three competing animals, so it was cute to see them cause a “plot twist” as the tortoise¬†said.


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