Marina and the Diamonds: America get it together.

Found out about this lovely girls music through “Primadonna” 2 years ago when it was constantly played during gym class. Been hooked to her music ever since, I even remember buying Electra Heart and listening to the whole album while I waited for someone, good memories.

You'll get there

marina diamonds froot album leaked

Newest obsession to say the least. Marina does it again with her pop music but deep and confounding lyrics. Making lyrics that are catchy but not just mindless garbage. I love the whole CD of course, but the popular one right now is Froot (the album title as well). However, my favorites are: Immortal, I’m A Ruin, Blue, Gold, and Solitare.

If you have never listened to her, she is not very popular in the US. She’s far too intellectual with her lyrics, and with America not as Evolved as the other major World Powers, we haven’t quite caught up. I hope that she does become bigger. Some of you might know her for her hit “Primadonna” from  2012 Electra Heart.

Her style is definitely unique, she has an vocal range of a mezzo-soprano. She will go pretty low in some of her music, but then pop up to a somewhat…

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